#latergram from last weekend going up to the top of Umeda Sky Building




Allende Neruda Memorial Reading at Glide Church (San Francisco), 1973

Quiet blog life at the moment.

Busy days, the onset of spring, a pile of books I want to read, there’s only so many hours in the day etc = self-imposed interweb break/detox. The queue will be doing its thing for a while. 

Pipilotti Rist lecture in Kyoto on the 29th!

View of Kofukuji Gojū-no-tō pagoda from Nara-machi. 


Abstract art is what happens when the Hubble Space Telescope locks onto a bad guide star (like a double star or binary) for its gyroscopic stabilization.

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Alright fess up which one of you runs this

ok this is my new fave twitter

The last one. LOL, omg, etc

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Ok, bath, pajamas, gotta get up early, long day tomorrow, time for bed and —-OH FOR CHRISTSAKES