Glenn Gould: Bach Goldberg Variations 1981 Studio Video (complete)

Gould + Bach + full-length = Can’t not. 

  1. Glenn Gould (166)
  2. The Residents (2)
  3. Kasagi Shizuko (2)
  4. Tornado Wallace (2)
  5. 坂本九 (1)

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Note the Gould play count.

The Goldberg Variations has been my stressbuster/co-pilot for the last three weeks…always interesting to me how we latch onto music during certain stretches.

Glenn Gould - Bach - BWV 828 - 5 - Sarabande  ||

Can’t let Canada Day go by without a Gould post.

solarflares: listened to the Goldberg Variations at least ten times this week.


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Two Part Invention No. 13 in A minor BWV 784 - J.S. Bach (Glenn Gould)

Gould autoreblog.

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