“Emperor worship miraculously persists among a large part of the population, thanks to the media. It constantly reports the “private” whereabouts of members of the royal family. By ceaselessly watching them—how they grow up, go to school, vacation; get engaged and married; perform in public; make speeches of encouragement, sympathy, and mourning—the residents of the archipelago are supposed to affirm their Japanese identity. This is an imposed education in how to be a proper citizen, by way of disseminating amiable spectacles and narratives about the royal family—spectacles that the family members themselves are made to act out.”

Mutation of the Triad: Totalitarianism, Fascism, and Nationalism in Japan | e-flux

Interested in Japan/living here? Required reading. 

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Some more highlights from Hanarart 2013 in Yamoto-Koriyama city. The nomadic festival moves on to Uda next, where old machiya, shops, townhouses and other city spaces will get repurposed as galleries, relational venues and site-specific installations. Busy weekends and scenic rural train rides are in store for the next while as the leaves start to change colour. 

See also: yesterday’s post where a cluster of contemporary artists take over an old house and a sake brewery. 

Highlights from last week’s visit to the Hanarart Festival in Yamato-Koriyama: An old machiya townhouse, garage and sake brewery taken over by a cluster of artists working in a variety of media.

Yasuaki Onishi installs hot glue crystal sculpture in sake cellar

We saw this in Koriyama on Sunday, one of the stronger works at Hanarart 2013. Nice to see it getting some exposure outside of Japan…

Just a phone booth filled with goldfish. No big deal.

But seriously. We had a lovely day walking around Koriyama, checking out the Hanarart festival, where old townhouses- often unused/derelict- are repurposed as art installation spaces. It’s a nomadic festival that goes from town to town in Nara prefecture between September and November. There was a big matsuri and flea market happening on top of it all, thanks to a National holiday and long weekend. It was my first time in Koriyama proper (The AEON Mall doesn’t count!), even though it’s one train stop away from Nara, and it capped off an already busy weekend, with yesterday spent in Kyoto checking out local galleries and hanging out at MOMAK for the excellent Marcel Broodthaers (and guests) show. The review for that one is being pitched to done publications.

More pictures to follow, once I dump them from my camera.

Development of human software (at 近鉄郡山駅 (Kintetsu-Koriyama Sta.))

Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers | The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Ok, Kyoto, here I come.  This plus gallery crawl on a lovely fall day.

What kind of relationship is there between the photography, film, video works in contemporary art and cinema, both viewed through the same technical equipment camera? How have the contemporary artists using film regarded “cinema” as the archive of the image and the story? Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art after Marcel Broodthaers will focus on artistic presentations using photograph, film, video in reference to “cinema” since the end of 1960s to the present.

Day 4. Matsushima - Sendai - Home.

Tohoku trip, day 3: Naruko to Matsushima-Shiogama

Tohoku trip, day 2: Geibikei to Naruko onsen, home of the Kokeshi doll and host to a roaming outdoor jazz festival.

There was a rockabilly/Elvis cover band playing at the foot of our hotel, the whole town was out, drunk and merry!

Tohoku Trip, Day 1: Hanamaki to Morioka

I’m falling in love with Morioka city so far… #morioka #iwate #japan #tohoku (at carta)