One of my favourite things about living here is not having to dig around trying to find Downtown/Gaki no Tsukai downloads/streams. I just have to turn on the TV. 

If it was subbed, I’d be in heaven.

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Gaki No Tsukai - What Matsumoto Likes

Subbed by ShibataBread

If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, y’all probably know about my love for Gaki no Tsukai.

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Also, now I don’t have to start that FuckYeahGakiNoTsukai tumblr I’ve been meaning to get around to maybe making whenever.

 Yoshimoto and the Business of Comedy in Japan | Splitsider

Good read of the day.

Unlike in the US where most aspiring comedians have to tough it out on unforgiving open-mic nights or making YouTube videos they hope will go “the viral,” hopeful Japanese comedians head for Osaka and try to get accepted into a comedy agency school. There are many other agencies and schools in town — called “jimushos”, but Yoshimoto is the biggest and the brightest. And kind of like the mafia, once you’re in a jimusho, you’re in it for life….

 … While many struggling comedians I know would probably love a salaried job where they could list their position as “professional comedian,” it’s not quite as cushy a set-up as it sounds….


but a Yoshimoto success story is one that can last a lifetime. All those “crazy” Japanese videos you’ve passed around on the Internet with your friends? More often than not it probably was a product of Yoshimoto.

My love for manzai, and Downtown/Gaki no Tsukai  is well-documented on this here tumblr. 

Pssst, secret: I’ve actually entertained the idea of starting a “FuckyeahGakinotsukaiyaarehende!!” tumblr on a few bored, rainy winter days, but have yet to follow through. 

Also: 2010 Batsu subs almost done!